Saturday, July 07, 2012

Musical Interlude

I used to own the album shown in this video. It's a bootleg copy of a Bob Dylan recording session. But I lost it in a one of Chicago's wonderful floods.

And I always loved this particular cut of the album. Dylan was going to sing it on the Ed Sullivan show, and Ed was cool with that, but the CBS lawyers freaked out, and said he couldn't sing it. Dylan walked off the set, and never appeared on the show.

Listening to it now, you might wonder what the hubbub was about. Funny how often that happens.

It's a very funny song, and it makes fun of a bunch of people who – decades later – look absolutely ridiculous. Sort of like Republicans today.

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Chip said...

Great stuff, Bob. But does Dylan really ever "sing?" He talks us through most of the time. At any rate, thanks for the memories. These days Birchers are pretty tame compared to tea partiers.