Saturday, May 05, 2012

Drinking English Wine

A few days ago the New York Times ran a long article presenting the view of the most (only?) respected climate change denier, Richard Lindzen of MIT. Lindzen believes clouds will have a mitigating impact on any human-caused temperature increases.

In a followup Q & A this morning the article's author, Justin Gillis, responded to questions from the original article's readers, including this question that apparently pops up from time to time in climate change denial arguments:
Can someone explain to me why vineyards used to exist in Britain when it was occupied by the ancient Romans and why the obviously warmer earth of the time was a bad thing?
Strictly speaking this is not a global warming denial question, of course – it's sort of a fellow traveler, a "What's so bad about global warming?" question.

The answer refers to an article that is interesting for anyone vaguely interested in the history of wine (it counts the number of vineyards listed in the Domesday Book) and includes the answer to the age-old question, "Why does drinking English wine require four people?"

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